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This list is sorted by the ratings on where beer drinkers rate the beers they have. It may be a little skewed and sometimes needs updating. If we're out of date please let us know via our Contact page.

  • Surly Furious

    Brewery: Surly Brewing Company

    ABV 6.2% Gravity: 1.011/°P
    IBU: 99 100
    Brewed with a dazzling blend of American hops and Scottish malt, this crimson-hued ale delivers waves of citrus, pine and caramel-toffee. For those who favor flavor, Furious has the hop-fire your taste buds have been screeching for.

  • Two Hearted Ale

    Brewery: Bell's Brewing

    ABV 7.0% Gravity: 1.064/15.75°P
    IBU: 60 100
    Defined by its intense hop aroma and malt balance. Hopped exclusively with the Centennial hop varietal from the Pacific Northwest, massive additions in the kettle and again in the fermenter lend their characteristic grapefruit and pine resin aromas. A significant malt body balances this hop presence; together with the signature fruity aromas of Bell's house yeast, this leads to a remarkably drinkable American-style India Pale Ale.

  • Abyss

    Brewery: Deschutes Brewery

    ABV 11.1% Gravity: N/A
    IBU: 80 100

  • Todd the Axe Man

    Brewery: Surly Brewing Company

    ABV 7.2% Gravity: N/A
    IBU: 100 99
    Surly's version of the West Coast Style IPA first brewed in collaboration with Amager Brewery in Denmark. Brewed with one malt, Golden Promise from the UK, with Citra and Mosaic hops. If you think Todd is a good brewer, you should hear him play his axe! Named by Amager’s marketing director Henrik Papsø.

  • Odell's IPA

    Brewery: Odell

    ABV 7.0% Gravity: N/A
    IBU: 60 98
    Ready to buck convention? Odell's took the traditional IPA, originally shipped from England to India in the 1700s, and made it bolder and more flavorful - American style. They've added new varieties of highly aromatic American hops to create a distinctive bitterness profile and an incredible hop character. Hop on, hold tight, and enjoy the ride!

  • Summit Saga

    Brewery: Summit Brewing Company

    ABV 6.4% Gravity: 1.057/14°P
    IBU: 80 96
    A divine tropical fruit aroma and a clean assertive bitterness.

  • Oatmeal Stout Nitro

    Brewery: Summit Brewing Company

    ABV 5.2% Gravity: 1.055/13.75°P
    IBU: 41 94
    While its cascading rich black color will be familiar to Stout enthusiasts, ours is decidedly different. It's made with naked oats from the UK, for one. Smooth and slightly sweet, with hints of coffee, caramel and chocolate.

  • Drumroll APA

    Brewery: Odell

    ABV 5.3% Gravity: N/A
    IBU: 42 94
    Drumroll is an unfiltered American Pale Ale. A bold, juicy, citrus-inspired and tropically hop forward APA that looks and tastes like pineapple, orange, mango, and grapefruit. The complex fruit character is the result of the careful combination of our favorite current crop year hops with no fruit or juice addition necessary.

  • Rising North Pale Ale

    Brewery: Surly Brewing Company

    ABV 5.4% Gravity: 1.048/12°P
    IBU: 25 90
    We come from the North. The winter months take their toll. It can make a person…well, Surly. Still, we rise. And when the North rises, the North gets thirsty. This American Pale Ale was brewed to satisfy that thirst. Featuring bright, citrusy hops and a warming malt base, this is the official beer of Minnesota United. On game day, or any other, forever United, together.

  • Guinness

    Brewery: Guinness & Co.

    ABV 4.2% Gravity: 1.04/10°P
    IBU: 30 87
    Quite possibly the most famous stout in the world, Guinness is produced by the Guinness brewery in Dublin, Ireland, and other locations in Ireland. It is a very dark stout beer that has a notable "cascade" effect below the head when it is poured, due to the nitrogen content of the liquid. This also produces a notably smooth head, because nitrogen bubbles are smaller than carbon dioxide bubbles.

  • Summit EPA

    Brewery: Summit Brewing Company

    ABV 5.3% Gravity: 1.048/12°P
    IBU: 80 72
    Summit Extra Pale Ale is not a beer brewed only for beer snobs. Just the opposite. It's a beer for everyone to enjoy: construction workers, stock brokers, farmers, sales people, clerks, teachers, lawyers, doctors, even other brewers. Its light bronze color and distinctly hoppy flavor have made it a favorite in St. Paul, Minneapolis and the rest of the Upper Midwest ever since we first brewed it back in 1986.

  • Smithwick's

    Brewery: Guinness & Co.

    ABV 5.0% Gravity: 1.036/9°P
    IBU: 20 43
    From Ireland, comes this clean, refreshing ale that balances hops and roasted barley for a flavor that mixes a slightly sweet malt with moderate bitterness. Famous amber color comes from the specially roasted barley. Smithwick's is Ireland's number one ale. Its exceptional taste, distinctive color and purity of ingredients make it unique. Its rich, satisfying taste has earned it five gold medals in the famous Monde Selection Beer Tasting Competition. Smithwick's is produced using the finest hops and special roasted, malted barley.

  • Crispin Pacific Pear Cider

    Brewery: Crispin Cider Company

    ABV 4.5% Gravity: 1/N/A°P
    IBU: N/A 33
    Naturally elegant and refreshingly adult with a sparkling natural pear finish and a subtle woody complexity, complemented by an intense fresh pear bouquet. Naturally fermented using 100% pear juice, not from pear juice concentrate or pear-flavored hard apple cider. Filtered cold for extra purity, with no added anything you'd want to avoid.

  • 312 Urban Wheat

    Brewery: Goose Island Beer Company

    ABV 4.2% Gravity: 1.012/3°P
    IBU: 20 28
    Like the digits suggest, it is a beer that is densely populated with flavor and loaded with character. Unfiltered, none of its life and soul is stripped away. The first thing you notice is the hazy, cloudy appearance. What hits you next is the spicy aroma of Cascade hops, followed by the crispy, fruity ale flavor delivered in a smooth, creamy body, the result of blending barley malt with torrified wheat. It's not like any other Goose Island Beer, but no less that you'd expect.

  • Harp

    Brewery: Guinness & Co.

    ABV 5.0% Gravity: 1.054/13.5°P
    IBU: 24 25
    This classic Irish lager has a pleasant, buttery sweet aroma. Crisp and dry, Harp finishes remarkably smooth. Harp's distinctive, refreshing taste has earned it six gold medals in the famous annual Monde Selection beer tasting competition. It is Northern Ireland's number one lager.

  • Miller Lite

    Brewery: Miller Brewing Company

    ABV 4.5% Gravity: N/A
    IBU: 12 1
    Specially brewed from the finest malted barley, select cereal grains and choicest hops, Miller Lite delivers superior taste in a less-filling beer. In fact, Miller Lite won Best American-Style Lager or Light Lager at the 2010 Great American Beer Festival.

  • Premium

    Brewery: Schells

    ABV 0.0% Gravity: N/A
    IBU: N/A N/A
    It's Premo. Need we say more?

  • Fair State Raspberry Roselle

    Brewery: Fair State Co-op

    ABV 6.2% Gravity: N/A
    IBU: 60 N/A

  • 612 Brew IPA

    Brewery: 612 Brew

    ABV 7.4% Gravity: N/A
    IBU: 60 N/A

  • Summit Banjaxed

    Brewery: Summit Brewing Company

    ABV 5.8% Gravity: N/A
    IBU: 15 N/A

  • Surly 3DH

    Brewery: Surly Brewing Company

    ABV 10.0% Gravity: 1.09/215°P
    IBU: 15 N/A
    Cloaked amid the brewhouse shadows, rites and rituals conjure impossible hop flavor. Over the low rumble of equipment, whispers of a triple dry-hopped beer arise. New and unknowable, 3DH is your initiation.

  • Finnegans Cluster Truck

    Brewery: Charitable Beer Company

    ABV 6.5% Gravity: N/A
    IBU: 65 N/A
    An American IPA with a truckload of hops. Cluster Truck is brewed with close to four pounds of Columbus, Comet Amarillo, and Citra Hops per barrel, creating a taste profile with hints of grapefruit rind, fresh cut grass, and rolled down windows. It's hoppy but not too bitter. Perfect for having a few without filling your tank.

  • Bauhaus Schwandtoberfest

    Brewery: Bauhaus Brew Labs

    ABV 5.7% Gravity: N/A
    IBU: 27 N/A

  • Insight Claw King

    Brewery: Insight Brewing

    ABV 6.7% Gravity: N/A
    IBU: 73 N/A
    So many hops. Multiple whirlpool additions plus two dry hop additions bring this beer to a new level of hop expression. We collaborated with our water to produce a canvas which gives this beer its noticeable softness and juiciness. Multiple flaked grains provide the perfect haze in balance with this beers robust English base malt.